Addiction and Dependency – The 2nd Phase of Managing Fame and Dealing With Celebrity

Like your dependence upon the Internet, it becomes difficult to imagine living without your fame – or at least frequent recognition when you’re out and about. Such acknowledgement seduces you into a co-dependent relationship.

Fame is said to be the most addictive dependencies. Like a narcotic the high of validation and admiration produces a natural chemical within the body that can become emotionally and physically addictive. In response to the feel-good boost, the body produces higher levels of testosterone, the result of which is increased dopamine. The rush of naturally produced chemicals within our body makes us feel good, and causes us to seek the same experience, in order to produce more dopamine.

Drugs and alcohol do this as well, though researchers say the high experienced from power of celebrity is most like the high experienced from cocaine. Alertness, confidence, and energy is increased, but also paranoia, anxiety and restlessness (“Power Really Does Corrupt,

Like an addict who becomes consumed with his or her next fix, some celebrities enter a stage in which they become consumed with remaining famous. The need for being admired becomes a narcotic – a needed fix to return to the delirium of the high. Embarking on a quest for a steady supply of admiration, adoration, approval and awe some go to misguided extremes to keep centered in the spotlight. At the ragged edge of notoriety there is almost nothing the fame addict will refrain from doing. To him, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

To exist is to be seen, be watched, noticed, talked about – have your actions debated in the media and cocktail party murmurings.When the bright lights move on, even if temporarily, a feeling of emptiness, neglect, deprivation, unfairness, jealously and even humiliation can set it. The seemingly obviously solution is to do anything to bask in the bright light of being seen once again – even if placed in a compromising position.

Yet we’ve seen time and time again how a derailed fake romance publicity stunt, check-book philanthropy with an obvious lack of informed passion, an egotistical rant – or anything done or said under the influence of alcohol – can undermine years of a meticulously orchestrated persona. Also, like too much of a good thing, over-exposure even without over-the-top drama can also fatigue fans.

Moreover, there are predatory individuals who hope to cash in on your fame and fortune during the addictive phase. If seen in public, someone may attempt to start a fight with the you in the hope that you’ll act out, capturing your knee-jerk reaction. Relatively large profits from suing you or selling their rapidly shot cell phone photos of your behavior – even if taken out of context.

Those who will resort to unethical means for their own celebrity might also hope to profit from getting into some sort of legal tangle such as a traffic accident (Being in the World of Celebrity – Giles, Rockwell) or becoming impregnated by you (documentary about the lives of pro-athletes “30 for 30: Broke”).

Not everyone exits the stage gracefully when fame fades. When the money and career ends, the celebrity experience also ends – a sobering reality for most. Those who manage to deal with their celebrity without derailing reach a point of acceptance – the third phase of fame.

Discounted Legal Services Scam Or Shelter For Your Affairs

When you need advice you need it fast, phone book ads state free consultations with an attorney near you. You make the call, set the appointment only to find out you have 10 minutes and 3 questions. You spent hours building your list of questions, preparing to take thorough notes hoping to solve your issue without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Your 10 or 15 minutes of fame is suddenly cut off with the words you fear most, “We can help you with your legal matters it’s going to cost $XXX.XX/ hour. You sigh knowing that you can’t afford the services and feel like the whole event was a waste of your time as well as theirs. You read in the local phone book or paper about free legal aide and again you prepare for the meeting to find out that your needs cannot be met since this is a county sponsored event.

You scratch your head, look bewildered and feel frustrated beyond all belief. You’re getting no where. You have a friend who is an attorney and you seek to go plug him/her for the info you need, you set up lunch at a nice place and put your best foot forward. Your colleague arrives and catching up soon begins. As you go for the one off approach to slide your way into your request your associate smells it coming and stops you in your tracks.

They tell you this is not a business luncheon and you’re not a client so stop before you embarrass yourself. You silently whimper to yourself as you hold back your emotions. All you can think of is the fact that you need help, you need it now yet you can’t afford the expense. What do you do? If you only had access to attorneys by phone so you could solve your issues or at least get access to them in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own dwelling.

The problem is that many of the major “discounted legal plans” have attorneys who aren’t worth their weight in salt or don’t care about your out come. The intake people don’t seem to want to give you the support you need or even seem to care that you’re a real human being with needs of grave importance. Their only concern is when their next break, lunch or time to go home is happening.

Again you feel like you have been ripped off. You need piece of mind, experience and commitment to satisfy your needs. There are a few plans who offer experience, proven results as well as client satisfaction. Where do you find them? How do you make contact with them? These are all secrets unless you have the insider information.

Most of which is attainable from outside sources, you know sources outside you reach. What if all you need are simple things not involving legal court representation, or major counsel then discounted services are the way to go. All the attorney support you need at a fraction of the cost. Also many offer incentives to join their association; free services, some steeply discounted services and discounted legal representation.

The weight of these benefits more than justifies the association costs, although what if a membership could offer more than legal services would that be of interest to a consumer or a professional seeking change and advice. What if you could access every facet of your financial well being in the same membership package, asset protection, financial advice, debt and equity management, identity protection and a service guarantee just for starters.

Not all service companies are created equal. Many are one dimensional and lack the appeal or know how to prevent certain aspects of your life from being exposed to risk. You hear it al of the time at the office “it’s not my job or responsibility.” That’s how you feel when you use many discounted services. In fact I have seen many of these fly by night companies make peoples lives more vulnerable to risk that need be.

You owe it to your self to be informed. Get involved in your life and take responsibility to make a change, never leave your options up to a good pitchman cover your basis and get multiple inputs before you decide what your best course of action is.

Legal Troubles Concerning Your Postcard Design and Copy

When you include certain details to your postcard design and copy, remember to consider laws involved in communication. You may not be aware of it but you could be violating someone’s rights. It’s worse if you are totally aware of it and are deliberately doing it to gain controversy and ultimately, popularity. If the latter is your purpose, keep in mind that fame is short-lived, but the losses you will incur in a legal battle could leave you suffering for a very long time.

You may have heard of the term ‘Intellectual Property’. This law pertains to the field in legal practice that covers the protection of creative works found in different forms such as songs, books, inventions and as simple as drawings.

If you, in any way, ‘steal’ these ideas, you can get sued for it.


Be careful when you use materials or creative works like stories, articles, jokes and other original outputs in your postcard design or copy even if you do not charge for it, like if you are planning to give out these postcards for your marketing campaign.

You need to ask permission from the individual or institution who owns the work, whether or not you intend to make money out of the creative material. And care should be taken so as to ensure that the contents or its message are not taken out of context.

The symbol that represents copyright is the superscript letter C enclosed in a circle. If the material is not registered, it gets limited protection. But that does not mean that you cannot get sued. Think of the money you will be spending and the hassle it will cost you to attend to these legal matters. It is best to be careful.

Properly and regularly acknowledge the person or people behind the work, big or not.


Trademark is another form of intellectual property protection for names, words or phrases, slogans or catch phrases, logos or symbols.

An example of a violation against this is using a famous slogan. In some cases, some advertisers, in an effort to draw attention, advertently rides with the popularity of some established products and brands by using the brand logo and manipulating minor details but the result still bears a striking resemblance to the original symbol. Using a famous cartoon on your ad without permission is another violation.

Trademark has assigned superscript symbols of TM or encircled letter R. The R is for registered trademark which is much like the copyright symbol. However, the TM symbol is not exactly or not yet registered (or possibly in the process of) so it does not get the same level of protection, unlike registered trademark. For some, recognizing the owner of the intellectual property and citing that it is a trademark is enough to avoid committing a violation against this.

One of the harming results of copyrights and trademarks violation is the loss of earnings of the person or persons whom you infringed the rights of. As for you, if you lose the case, you may end up losing more than just that. To be on the safe and good side, be creative and use your own materials for your postcard design and copy.

Legally Blonde: The Musical Is a Night of Fun

Legally Blonde: The Musical is a stage show based on the novel, as well as the movies of the same name famously starring the delightful Reese Witherspoon. While Witherspoon does not join the cast in the stage version, this marvellous piece of theatre once held the talents of Sheridan Smith of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps fame, as well as Jill Halfpenny of Coronation Street notoriety. Currently, however, the show is lead by the talented Susan McFadden as the primary character of Elle Woods, and remarkable Simon Thomas as the focus of her affections, Warner Huntington III.

As far as the plot and setting, it generally follows that of the first Legally Blonde movie, with the addition of addicting musical numbers and tremendously high energies. McFadden’s character, Elle Woods, seeks to reunite with her boyfriend by choosing to attend Harvard Law School with him in order to show him that she too can be a smart, serious girl. While she encounters some difficulties adjusting to the campus, she conducts herself with poise, style, and a lot of pink. In the end, if one enjoyed the humour, fun and hilarious moments in the Legally Blonde movies, then the stage adaptation would be a fine choice to see as well.

Legally Blonde: The Musical is currently being performed in London’s West End at the Savoy Theatre. Built in the 1881, the theatre has a long history, starting with operas. Surviving a fire over two decades ago, the theatre was rebuilt, and the Savoy Theatre prides itself on continuing in the musical tradition with its addition of Legally Blonde, which began in 2009. While it has housed many musicals in the past, the theatre has seen a bit of everything within its walls, including traditional Shakespearean plays.

As a result of being in London’s West End, those attending the show may be treated with a wonderful variety of attractions. These include everything from unique shops, to art galleries and museums. Meanwhile, there exist and all sorts of bars and restaurants as well, making a grand night out of the theatre experience. For those who must go out of their way to travel for the show, there are even convenient locations for hotels so that one may stay and enjoy the night. All in all, if one chooses to buy Legally Blonde: The Musical tickets, one will not be disappointed.