Legal Thriller Author Examines 15 Amazing Scam Artists’ “Conspiracy Theory” Tricks

The best scams are built around conspiracy theories. They afford the ultimate shell game.


Because it gives the scam artist “cover.” It fortifies him with an automatic defense against his critics. It exonerates him from past failures. And, importantly, it provides an excuse for future delays, gives him time to run for cover when everything collapses. In other words, it creates the perfect stage setting from which to operate.

Overall, a well-developed conspiracy theory is a great rallying theme. It blends like minds, mutual resolve, shared purpose, goals. It breeds collective paranoia. There is, therefore, a set of basic rules the scam artist follows in producing this highly-desired atmosphere of “communal harmony” to embellish his “pitch. Accomplishing this enables him to fully exploit his con game in all of its ramifications. Hence, these are those rules-of-the-game he follows, rules to watch for, in order to protect yourself to the fullest.

1. Get your sucker-audience to focus on some elaborate conspiracy, one dedicated to stomping on courageous visionaries like yourself–you, the con man, being the one who is able to cut through the enemy’s monopoly and use his investors’ funds wisely to bestow benefits upon them–earn money, save money, awards, merits, fame–never before dreamed possible. If the victims fully subscribe to your hogwash, they will earn Brownie points along the way. Good mind game.

2. Now, get your foot in the door. Light a fire under your sucker-audience. Get them, as a group, ready to go bear hunting with a stick. Talk about your valiant battles with some government bureaucracy or private organization Get them stomping mad and eager to join you in your crusade against “them.”

3. Dispensing learned counsel in rapid-fire bursts, talk bravely about your battles with the bad guys trying to steal, or bury, your ideas. Fearlessly claim that you will shred,
obliterate, destroy your records before you will permit the indignity of allowing these to fall into “their” hands. Whip them into a frenzy, figuratively ready to chase a tornado in a convertible with the top down.

4. In addition to your “base” enemy, faceless government agencies of many types also make good whipping boys. These must also be made out to be “the enemy” you must bravely fight. Cite examples of their misdeeds. Cite the Law of Bureaucracy they follow: Nothing is ever accomplished by being reasonable.

5. Don’t fear investors who defect. There will always be some. Most will feel they’ve been suckered, and be too embarrassed to make a lot of noise about their misfortunes (of dealing with you). With the few who will protest too loudly, call them agents of the “Big Conspiracy” operating against you.
(“Do you see how they infiltrate?” you will ask of your remaining, loyal followers.)

6. Bury all attacks against you in a wave of minutia. Create enough distractions to mesmerize these people, put them to sleep over endless, meaningless detail. Tire them to the point where they will do anything to avert further debate, if only to stay awake.

7. Freely and frequently threaten your detractors with lawsuits. It will make a high percentage of them run for the tall grass, shut their mouths in fear.

8. Be the true crusader in every way. Stick closely to the scam artist’s parable: To thine own self be true, and lie like hell to everyone else. Say you are not in this for the money. Piously proclaim your altruistic intent: to save humanity.

9. Make your pitch to groups of people who have had faith, trust, and American Way values instilled in them from birth. Many groupings of senior citizens, religious types, family farmers fill this bill. These are your primary targets

10. Among other preferred groups are those already pre-conditioned to accepting conspiracy theories, like those who believe in the Flat Earth Society railings against Round-Worlders, in UFO cover-ups, and JFK assassination plots.

11. Always get your victims to focus on theory and abstractions. When their minds stray from this, fog their attention, get it away from any kind of evidence which can be measured. (This is especially important when trying to pawn off worthless, hi-tech junk.)

12. Be bold, loud. Make your claims and proclamations to all who will hear. People tend to think something so transparently out in the open could not possibly be a fly-by-night undertaking.

13. Shoot for only a small, initial amount of up-front money. Maybe $49, say, for a tape, DVD, and / or an information kit of some kind.. This, on the premise that, once the sucker has paid a bit of his required dues,, it’s easier to squeeze more out

14. You must have your investors forfeit their rights to legal action any way you can. Give them a–“ho hum, just routine”–document to sign. Pull this out from under a pile of documents, as if it is so insignificant it almost got lost. Or, hide your disclaimer in a nondisclosure agreement, in the smallest of small print you can arrange with your printer to crank out.

15. Enlist a small group of the most gullible to help you recruit the rest. (If you, as a potential participant, pay heed to the urgings of these discombobulated people, it would be like listening to a rap group named, Insane Clown Posse.)

It’s all a head shaker. Trying to cut through the haze and figure the con man’s’ psychological approach is much like being forced into making a choice between having double vision and hearing a constant echo. But, it’s worth the effort. Once you do sort it out and finally understand how to zero in on all of these traits and mannerisms, the working pattern of the con artist will be clearly spelled out for you. It is only then that you will be in the best position to protect yourself from any kind of curve ball he will throw your way.

Medicus Driver – Is the Medicus Driver a Legal Golf Club?

The Medicus Driver is the best selling golf training aid ever. The Medicus Driver, along with the Medicus 5-iron, and Medicus 7-iron have a huge fan following among all golfers, both amateur and professional. The fact that they’re hittable golf swing trainers gives them even more appeal versus other golf training aids.

I’ve seen many golfers over the years use Medicus golf clubs at the driving range. I’ve even seen golfers pull out their Medicus Driver as a way to groove their swing on the golf course, as they wait to take their next tee shot. Many golfers wonder though, “Is it legal to carry any of the Medicus dual hinge clubs in your golf bag?”

In a word, the answer is NO. Let me repeat myself, the answer is NO. The Medicus dual hinge golf clubs are not legal to use during a round of golf, per the rules of golf set by the USGA.

As we’ve seen in so far in 2010, knowing the rules of golf is important. 2010 has been an unusual year in golf. With Tiger being off his game this year, it seems that the whole golf world has been turned upside down. This year has been the year of the rules violations. In fact, several notable rules violations have taken place in just the last year alone.

In the past year, we have seen a startling lack of judgment on the part of many very well known professional and amateur golfers. Notable rules violations just this year include:

1. Dustin Johnson grounding his club in a “sand trap,” causing a two stroke penalty. This caused him to miss the playoff for the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits.
2. Jim Furyk failing to wake up due to a dead cell phone battery, missing his tee time for the Barclays Pro-Am. The result was tournament disqualification. 
3. Julie Inkster using a weighted doughnut during the LPGA Safeway Classic. This penalty resulted in disqualification.
4. Jerry Rice (NFL Hall of Famer) had his caddy use a range finder during a Nationwide Tournament. The result – You guessed it, tournament disqualification.

While the Dustin Johnson and Jim Furyk violations were more talked about at the water cooler, for our purposes the two examples of rules violations that apply to the Medicus are the Julie Inkster and Jerry Rice disqualifications.

Julie Inkster, an LPGA Hall of Famer, was disqualified from the LPGA Safeway Classic for using a weighted doughnut on her 9-iron to keep loose, as there was a 30 minute wait on the number 10 hole. Using the weighted doughnut is fine if you’re hacking around on a Sunday with your friends. We’ve all been there. You’re in a groove, feeling good, and then you get stuck in a golf cart traffic jam, usually at a par 3. You want to keep loose, to keep that groove going. When you’re playing in a tournament though, the USGA’s Rules of Golf are in full effect. Remember, if you’re playing in a tournament, you must read the rules.

So what makes the Medicus Driver an illegal golf club? The Medicus Driver, Medicus 5-iron, and Medicus 7-iron all violate USGA Rule 14-3. Rule 14-3: Artificial Devices, Unusual Equipment and Unusual Use of Equipment specifies that the penalty for breaking this rule isn’t one stroke or two strokes. The penalty is disqualification. 

To read the full rule, visit the USGA’s official website here:

The basic language of the rule is, if you’re using something to gain an advantage on the golf course, other than USGA approved golf equipment, chances are you’re using a piece of equipment that breaks the rules.

Pros aren’t the only ones who break the rules. Earlier this year, Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice was disqualified from a Nationwide tournament when his caddy used a range finder to measure yardage. This was also a violation of Rule 14-3.

While yardage books are allowed, range finders are not. The same is true for those hot new GPS devices and smart phone apps as well. Using any of these will get you disqualified based on rule 14-3. So what can we do as amateur golfers to learn from these high profile mistakes? The number one thing to do is familiarize yourself with the rules of golf. Remember, while many training aids are designed to help the weekend golfer improve their scores, keep in mind that many are not legal to use on the golf course. This is per the rules stated by the USGA. This means that use of any of the Medicus Dual Hinge Swing Trainers while on the course is a rules violation, resulting in disqualification.

Therefore, you don’t want to become dependent on training aids and other devices while on the golf course. Training aids are for practice, not for real rounds of golf. I am a strong believer in using training aids, especially the Medicus Driver, as it’s helped improve my scores immensely. But training aids have a time and place. That time and place is on the driving range, and in your back yard. You don’t want to use training aids during a round of golf. Basically, it’s cheating, even if you feel that you don’t really gain any sort of distinct advantage by doing so. Also, make sure that any equipment you use is approved for use on the golf course by the USGA. The Medicus also has weighted swing trainers as well, and all of those are also illegal clubs, except for the Power Maximus L-Wedge, which has been USGA approved for use on the golf course.

When you’re playing with your regular foursome, do any of them really care that you’re breaking the rules by using a Medicus, a range finder, or some other training aid? Probably not. But you must remember this rule when you play in a tournament. Your tournament playing partners won’t be as forgiving as your regular foursome. This is especially true if you finish in the money. Leave your Medicus and any other training aids at home, otherwise you may fall into old habits and use the training aid during the tournament, violating USGA Rule 14-3. If you happen to just throw your Medicus Driver in your golf bag but never use it, you may be in violation of another USGA Rule. 

Having an extra club in your bag would violate USGA Rule 4-4: Maximum of 14 Clubs. The penalty for carrying an extra club in your bag is also disqualification.

To read the 14 Club rule, click this link:

Do yourself a favor when you play in a tournament, especially if money is involved, leave any golf training aids at home. When it comes to tournaments, just remember, training aids are a big NO-NO!

For more tips and information on the Medicus training aids, including the Medicus Driver, check out the links below.

Legal Transcription Service: Where a Sentence Can Change a Sentence

The legal world has always been an object of fascination and interest for generations of writers, movie-makers and television producers. The world inhabited by the Legal Eagles has always been of great intrigue for the common man. The court room is a microcosm of the larger world and contains within its confines ample amount of sadness, happiness, and grief, heart wrenching realities, a glimmer of hope and above all the triumph of good over evil, of justice delivered. The kind of stuff that has spawned millions of movies and novels.

There is never a quiet moment in a court room. It is always packed with action and lawyers hardly find the time to breathe! In today’s world addicted to 15 seconds of fame filing a lawsuit is a sure fire strategy to generate buzz and bask in the limelight! This explains why it is easier to fix an appointment with the Prime minister than scheduling an appointment with a lawyer. And god saves celebrity lawyers!

With all this hype and hoopla surrounding the legal world many law firms, individual lawyers and court houses hire professionally trained transcriptionists to do audio to text transcription of court proceedings, memorandums, pleadings, judgments, evidence and interrogation recordings.

Why you need an experienced transcriber?

Unlike other fields the legal field like the medical field requires specialized transcription services. One small error can actually lead to another long drawn lawsuit. To avoid such hassles a smarter and easier solution would be to zero in on a transcription firm that has experience in transcribing court recordings and has been around for a while, because as all of us would agree nothing beats experience. It also helps that a transcription firm with a few years of hands on experience would be able understand and transcribe audio data containing legal terms and jargons used more effortlessly.

How do you zero in on the right transcription services provider?

Here is a handy guide as to how to choose the right transcription firm amongst the many jostling for space in the overcrowded transcription industry.

  • Check their existing client list. This is by far the most effective and easy way of checking a company’s credentials.
  • Ask if a free trial is available. Be cautious and cross check if there is any fine print involved.
  • Google the name of the transcription firm and see if they offer all that you are looking for.

Transcriptions service is a transcription firm that has gained widespread acclaim and approval from the legal fraternity as they offer thoroughly professional and consistently high quality transcription services.

Settle Your Unsecured Debt – Legal Tactics to Realistically Become Debt Free in 1-3 Years

I know how hard it is to read all the books and online articles on debt relief! Here you have come to the right place! I can give you a good advice on how to settle your unsecured debt. You may not know that there are legal tactics to realistically become debt free in 1 to 3 years.

First, what you should do is to count all the debts you have roughly and find out whether you can pay it in some way without getting the professional help. But, if you are caught in debt in a bad way where you cannot see a way out, then what you have to do is to seek for legal advices.

But, walking into a debt settlement company of your own may sometimes not be fruitful as you may be unable to recognize whether it is good or bad. So, you can ask form your friends about a good company, look up in your phone book for the legitimate companies, or can you can join a debt relief network where there are many legitimate debt settlement companies.

The most important fact is that if you are trapped with unsecured debt, there is something that your creditors do not want you to know. That is, you can legally eliminate 50% of your unsecured debt. This idea has been a major concern of the Obama government as the economy of US is downgraded because of the high debts of the citizens.

But, to settle your unsecured debts legally, first you have to choose a good debt settlement company which has its reputation and fame in the market being successful in debt settlement. So, to choose one of the best companies you can either use one of the above strategies or you can visit a debt relief network which offers advices free of charge.

This method is successful as you don’t need to spend money in obtaining the debt relief advices. But, keep one thing in your mind. For money problems there is no tomorrow. You have to take a decision right now, today!